WBConfCall 2019.01.17-Agenda and Minutes

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to give some pre-warning:

  • upload date is: 15th of March
  • live date is: 14th of June (which is a week before the IWM)

So any data that you want to be shown at the IWM should go into that upload.

  • Hinxton will put in an P.pacificus update for the Sommer lab

IWM Workshop

Should we do a session on AGR / DIOPT services & tools ?

AGR Grant – Please provide comments

Open Tickets



In terms of getting data in for WS271:

  • This is a reminder that this version will be live at the IWM this summer
  • If the data you plan on getting in does not have a data model or needs data model changes, please only do so if you think it is necessary to be on the live site before the meeting…That is be advised that the model freeze is 2/22 and we want to discuss any model changes at a future group meeting before going forward. Please post these model changes ASAP so the group can discuss.

IWM Workshop

Already have a placeholder for an AGR presentation (Chris is slotted to present)

  • 5 minutes allocated, but could increase
  • May be best to include/showcase, at a minimum, Orthology Data (DIOPT) and Disease Models

As an aside we also discussed increasing the presence of orthology links to AGR from WormBase gene pages or even using “exchangeable widgets”

AGR Grant – Please provide comments

Paul sent the grant out earlier this week. Please look at the sections relevant to your work and provide comments today(1/17) or tomorrow.