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===WB workshop at IWM 2019===
===WB workshop at IWM 2019===
*WormBase workshop:
*WormMine and JBrowse workshop
= Minutes =
= Minutes =

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Apologies for absence

Michael P.


New types of Gene Ids

  • Gene Ids of type 'PRJEB28388_chrIII_pilon.g6753' are causing problems for the WS270 run of the gene descriptions pipeline
  • How do we handle these, or can they be ignored?

Meeting Abstracts

  • International meeting abstracts are always included in WB (reliable file format, i.e. easily parsed)
  • Regional and topical meeting abstracts are no longer included as the file formats (and sometimes permissions) are inconsistent and not easily parsed
  • Sometimes users want search access to the regional and topical meeting abstracts and/or want to include them on their Person report pages
  • Possible solutions:
    • Provide a form for upload
      • Would need to check for potential dups
      • Assume that abstracts weren't modified post-submission
      • Possible issues with permissions?
      • Could input more than just regional/topical meetings (e.g. ASCB meeting)
    • Advertise acceptable file format (i.e. international meeting format) and be more proactive about trying to get regional/topical meeting organizers to generate files in this format
    • Other options?
  • What should be included in Textpresso Central?

WB workshop at IWM 2019

  • WormBase workshop:
  • WormMine and JBrowse workshop


  • Gene IDs issue seems to be resolved
- Hinxton to make code change to remove the problem IDs from the production files.