WBConfCall 2018.12.20-Agenda and Minutes

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Apologies for absence



Authors, Papers, Meeting Abstracts

  • https://github.com/WormBase/website/issues/6802
  • Authors on older (i.e. 2000) meeting abstracts don't always have associated WBPerson objects
    • Anything we can/should do about this?
  • Author on some older abstracts are also listed First Name Last Name as opposed to Last Name, First Name
    • This results in display errors - Todd and Sibyl will try to fix this
    • Any way to fix the source data via script?
  • Can meeting abstracts be added to TPC?
  • Some WB users are still using the old Textpresso. Put a message on that site that it will soon be retired?
    • The old Textpresso site is what comes up first in a Google search for 'textpresso'.
  • Other suggestions from Jonathan:
    • Having the possibility to restrict a search to a given field (e.g. title) and being able to rank the different columns in the results (i.e. by journal or year, etc, not just Doc score) would be welcome.


JBrowse track data

  • modENCODE data pulled directly and added to track
  • modENCODE more-or-less defunct
  • we should reach out to authors
  • Could we add a general banner that links to modENCODE, and/or include author information for the respective track?


  • Currently, we don't make WBPerson if all the info we have is the name
  • We could make WBPersons for all authors and remove the ?Author class
  • Once we move to Datomic, it shouldn't be necessary to keep the ?Authors class
  • Decided: no major data/model changes necessary
  • Sibyl will address some display issues (surnames not displayed; names in abstracts link nowhere)
  • Some people are still submitting Worm Breeder's Gazette articles (most recent Dec 11, 2018)
  • Meeting abstracts and WBG articles not in TPC; may want to add
  • New WBG articles publish as micropublications?