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= Minutes =
= Minutes =
===Absent from the Call:===
===Absent from the Call===
Adam, Karen, Kevin, Kimberly, Matt R
Adam, Karen, Kevin, Kimberly, Matt R

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Help Desk Issues


Absent from the Call

Adam, Karen, Kevin, Kimberly, Matt R


Farewell and good luck to April for her new job

Help Desk Issues

Paul D will get back to user about with addition info regarding repetitive regions (github #6735)

WS270 release schedule

WS270 Schedule for submission? (No date is filled in the schedule)

  • Need to check with Kevin.
  • For WS269, Hinxton will start uploading Nov 16 and will finish around Chrismas

Gene description package

  • Not yet ready for handing over to Hinxton yet, but will be in the next few releases to be run within the Hinxton pipelines

Data modelling

Should we proposing new data models in using Datomic modelling?

  • Ideally would have an architecture neutral way of modelling, but it’s not in place yet.
  • For now model in ACeDB and convert at Hinxton to Datomic. Curators don’t need to be too concerned about Datomic Modelling, if the current process works.

What work is being done on the Name Service? Will it replace the modelling of the Gene or some other classes in Datomic? Will it become the primary database?

  • It’s a replacement of the name service (managing names and history of gene through merges and split). It’s primary focused on gene at the moment, but Matt is working on making it more generic to handle other classes
  • Name service provides REST API for individual and batch requests and a web interface. It's getting close to enter the testing phase.
  • Potentially add functionality, such as those of the existing geneace. So people can query it instead of relying on file dumps

Is the expression_pattern_annotation class a good fit for Datomic Modelling?

  • All the modelling discussions so far are through email, will need to talk with Kevin about this

Question to think about: what’s the advantage in modelling Datomic vs Modelling in ACeDB?