WBConfCall 2018.11.01-Agenda and Minutes

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  • Next helpdesk officer - Sibyl Gao
  • Open Tickets
  • Stanford Meeting
  • Integrating Gene Descriptions


Automated handling of helpdesk ticket ideas:

  • Scott suggested canned responses with Gmail by following these instructions'under the "Advanced" tab in settings like in the attached picture. It's then available under the "..." glyph when composing an email'
  • Also discussed using AI responses to simple questions - this would provide immediate responses to users and would make less work responding to user requests but would also take work to set up and maintain.

Stanford meeting:

  • Starting to create an agenda for the technical (pre-pre-meeting). Friday's architecture call we will be discussing the topics/schedule

Integrating Gene Descriptions into release pipeline

- would like further integration to make sure data stays in sync

2 options:

  1. Give packaged Gene Description software to EBI to run as part of the pipeline
  2. EBI provides files to CalTech, descriptions are generated and then incorporated into release

Both groups prefer option 1 in the long run

Will be sticking with the current process in near term. Need to create automatic tests to check descriptions and determine what to do when an error occurs / is found.

Discussion on Allele vs variant changes at Alliance

  • In the near-term, our data lines up very well for providing the Alliance what it requires
  • Further discussion will be required as GA4GH and the Alliance decisions progress to make sure our model aligns with where things are headed.