WBConfCall 2018.07.05-Agenda and Minutes

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  • Data types / tools documents
    • Are they finished?
    • How to collate and distribute?
  • Project meeting
    • Proposed start time 9.30am
    • Where?


SAB meeting

  • Project meeting will start at 9.30am
  • Sibyl will add location information--building name, room number, how to get visitor badges, etc.
  • Karen will collate and print the data type and tools documents for the SAB, deadline to freeze documents is 07.06.2018 noon PDT
  • Karen will send e-mail to Sibyl, and Sibyl will print at site of meeting
  • Kevin will reorganize the wiki page, decision was to not have a separate 'Tools and Displays' section and to absorb these topics under the relevant sections

Talks at project meeting

  • 5 mins per talk/person
  • No need to talk about everything that a person does - highlights, issues, point is to generate discussions
  • Total time will be roughly 3.5 hours