WBConfCall 2018.05.17-Agenda and Minutes

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HelpDesk - Kimberly

Helpdesk Issues Still Open

WBStrain ids

  • would be good to get a list of people who need to be able to create new strains
  • will reside temporary in the old NameServer at Sanger and then move to the new Datomic one on AWS

SAB - Toronto, CA



  • On call: Adam, Cecilia, Chris, Daniela, Juancarlos, Karen, Kimberly, Raymond, Scott, Sibyl, Todd, Valerio, Wen, Kevin, Paul D, Gary, Matt, Paul K

HelpDesk - Kimberly

Helpdesk Issues Still Open

  • I am trying to have access to fosmid ...
    • On staging, we will begin providing the end sequences
    • We've never had the full sequence, so if we were providing a "fosmid" sequence, it might have been the intervening genomic sequence
    • What would users want?
    • It seems we could provide the intervening sequence but we need to communicate with users about what they're actually getting, i.e. a prediction.
    • Would this be a potential source of confusion to users, though, who may need to validate the sequence against a clone they order from Don Moerman's group?
    • Resolution: for next release, provide intervening genomic sequence but make it clear that it's predicted from genomic.
    • Chris will check and close the original ticket, if the changes Adam pushed are okay.