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===Help Desk===
* All answered
* Couple assigned to people to look at.

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HelpDesk - Paul

Outstanding Helpdesk Issues


Help Desk

  • All answered
  • Couple assigned to people to look at.


ABM - all being arronged, no advisers yet, Paul S. to work on it.


  • GO - ribbons, should we have them on WB? How much effort is it to get them in from AGR or spin our own.
  • WB in best poss funding position, but lots of attention on mods, for 2 way interaction
    • Textpresso on AGR etc.
    • Other things to show sharing of function.
    • Raymond - SOBA for GO......simplified GO graph, use for our data
      • GO ribbons now, then SOBA when its available, side by side as comparable/complementary.
      • Have side by side comparison to get idea of views etc.
      • Prepare example comparisons for GO meeting
    • Phenotype call - phenotype SOBA graph as complementary to ribbons
  • Community specific feature concerns.
    • What are they? Need to work this out.
    • neural data
    • Cell lineage display
    • support for different niche community (Evolution) could get lost
      • Important to have flexibility
    • Need to ask community advisers.
    • Reagents described appropriately for organism.
    • Poss open up to the community to work out what they would miss.....
      • Page about what's going on in the Alliance and then ask what their fav bits would be and need to be kept after transition.
      • If all MODs do this would get cross comparison.
    • Todd - If AGR have 1yr funding and the MODs have funding the mod specific features could be kept with the mods and not necessarily pushed to AGR. Even if in the future the mods are a subsidury of AGR but still host the specific features.

Call ended at 16:52