WBConfCall 2018.02.01-Agenda and Minutes

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excused: Todd, Karen, Paolo

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Advisory Board Meeting




New Starters

  • Wotjek Bazant (WormBase Parasite - Hinxton)
  • April Jauhal (WormBase - Caltech)

'Single-Cell' Gene Expression data

Who deals with what?




  • Interaction Working Group is talking about getting WormBase data into AGR
  • Import from external sources, a.e. IMAP(?)
  • design of page/table to display the data on AGR (v2.0)
  • planning to deal with redundancy in data in some way
    • similar problem to redundancy during GO curation
    • can we used as weight for edges

Gene Expression

  • expression XRefs
    • design
    • implementation
    • display
    • submission
  • overlap between Gene Regulation / Interaction needs coordination


  • add back in orthology based gene - disease association (v1.3?) with difference evidence (IEA / ISO)
  • different approaches between the databases for curation/prediction
  • talk about an AGR wide orthology set for predicting disease genes

Gene Descriptions

  • come up with AGR wide rules for Gene Descriptions
  • rewrite the WB description pipeline
  • differences between WB - AGR description (custom output?)
  • outreach to labs / user feedback

'Single-Cell' Gene Expression data

  • coordination between CalTech and Hinxton (Gary, Raymond, Wen), due to the large scale analysis data
  • ontology terms not necessary in line with WB