WBConfCall 2018.01.04-Agenda and Minutes

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Outstanding Help Desk issues

  • Conceptual translation of mitochondrial transcripts (carry-over from last call)
    • https://github.com/WormBase/website/issues/5903
      • We told the user we would get back to them on Oct 24 (the user reply was on the 18th but only entered manually on the ticket on 24th)
      • PD pointed the user to the translations on the Protein summary page on 18th so we can change status to "helped" the functionality still needs to be changed/fixed, and I think the user has been contacted and put in the right direction.

AGR data upload deadline next Wednesday (Jan 10)

WS264 models

  • Only a simple change for the Gene_class class to avoid two Description fields
  • No further changes.