WBConfCall 2017.03.16-Agenda and Minutes

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Datomic model for external links

  • Adam worked on external links in Datomic
  • Would like to make the Datomic schema more consistent for external links
  • Some links for accession numbers are text fields, others point to the accession class
  • Hinxton will work on simplifying the model

Methods in Molecular Biology chapter

  • Chris and Mary Ann asking for section drafts by early next week so we can pull chapter together and make it consistent

Company use of WormBase

  • Paul S. asking about what we know about business use of WormBase
  • Todd: some corporate users, not a huge number; probably tend to pull one big data dump into their own LIMS, and then we don't get web usage stats
  • Are there any trends of swinging from academia/public research towards private/corporate research? Not currently clear
  • We could possibly look for corporate/private sector support
  • Could setup WormBase as an LLC so that WB can receive donations from companies? Todd could setup in an afternoon
  • What about restricting access to commercial users? Possible, but comes with management overhead (fixed cost?)
  • Maybe have a pilot project, first reaching out to a few companies, and see what the interest is
  • Karen: Nemametrix has been asking about how to donate to WB; we could certainly begin dialog with them
  • Caltech pages have donation buttons throughout their site; could we leverage the Caltech system for use for WB donations?
    • Caltech may take a (significant?) cut

Funding from other countries

  • All WB funding comes, currently, from two countries (US, UK), yet we have 50+ labs in China that are major users of the resource
  • Could possibly get more funding/support from overseas/other countries

Pop-ups requesting money

  • OMIM started this in the last year
  • FlyBase about to start similar approach as well
  • Raises public consciousness about funding; something to consider
  • Would it be good to request an allotment of discretionary funds to be used for supporting WB?

IWM 2017

  • Ranjana set the workshop agenda to organizers
    • Currently we're slated for only one workshop; haven't heard back about having a second workshop
    • We may have to force everything into a single day workshop
  • WormBase will have booth, as will Micropublications
  • Nemametrix willing to provide swag (mini-book with micropublications)
    • Book will have several types of micropublications (small datasets, negative results, etc.)

Micropublication grant

  • Received a good score
  • Paul S. writing rebuttal now
  • Will have booth at IWM
  • Targeting authors who have published papers that refer to "Data not shown"


  • In WS258 adding gene classes as a class to WormMine
  • Fleshing out some classes that already exist, variations etc.
  • Not being used much right now
  • Have discussed in past powering simple queries in WormBase using WormMine as the backend
  • Could possibly build a user-friendly query builder that sits on top of WormMine
  • We could have page dedicated to commonly requested data
  • There is a new Intermine interface coming out soon
  • There may be a new backend as well (running off graph database?)