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=== Workshop at IWM ===
=== Workshop at IWM ===
* Organizers want list of talks/content for workshops
* Organizers want list of talks/content for workshops
* Community curation (Mary and Chris)
* Community curation (Mary Ann and Chris)
* Micropublications (Daniela)
* Micropublications (Daniela)
* WormBase tools
* WormBase tools

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IWM 2017

Post-meeting mini SAB?

  • Do we still plan to have some kind of biology-focussed SAB on the Sunday afternoon?
    • (flight prices to LA from UK are starting to creep up, so Hinxton are starting to look into organising their travel)

WormBase plenary talk

  • Anyone want to do this?

WormBase Workshop

Title of Workshop-WormBase: Tools, Content and Community Annotation
Duration: 1.5 hr
When: Afternoon of Thursday, June 22

We need to finalize the list of talks (how many, how long etc) and send organizers the list by early next week. Here are the proposed talks so far:

  1. Community Curation (Mary Ann Tuli, Chris Grove)
  2. Micropublications (Daniela Raciti)
  3. Using WormBase Tools:
    • Data mining with WormMine and ParaSite BioMart (Chris Grove, Bruce Bolt)
    • Gene Set Analysis - GO, Phenotype, and Tissue Enrichment (?):This would be an overview of what tools are available to analyze gene sets from various experiments. Would emphasize a complementary approach to analysis (?)
    • JBrowse?
    • SObAs(raymond)
  4. The Alliance of Genome Resources - Kevin Howe
    • (assuming there is something semi-public by then)


Post IWM SAB meeting

  • We can treat it as any other meeting, not necessary to have SAB meeting
  • Last time we met at lunch to discuss the writing of the grant renewal
  • Let's plan a brief meeting at lunch on Sunday

WormBase plenary talk

  • We need to communicate to the meeting attendants what is happening with AGR
  • Maybe hold off until we know how we want to announce AGR
  • Abstract submission deadline is at end of the month (March 30th)
  • Highlight community annotation, the IWM WormBase workshop

Workshop at IWM

  • Organizers want list of talks/content for workshops
  • Community curation (Mary Ann and Chris)
  • Micropublications (Daniela)
  • WormBase tools
    • WormMine (Chris)
    • BioMart (Bruce)
    • JBrowse (Scott)
    • Gene set enrichment (Tissue, Phenotype, GO) & SObA (Phenotype, GO, and Tissue(?)) (Raymond)
  • AGR (Kevin)
  • Programmatic access of WormBase data, REST API and GraphQL API (Sibyl & Adam)
  • ParaSite API to access data on other genomes (Kevin)
  • Maybe we can take video of the workshop which can be posted on YouTube
    • We may be able to borrow digital video camera

Upcoming WS uploads

  • We will proceed with upload at the end of April, and postpone the upload at the end of June a couple of weeks (into early July)


  • Tuesday, March 7th, is the AGR community meeting
  • Will explain to new NHGRI director that AGR is on track

Methods in Molecular Biology chapter

  • Most sections have a draft ready
  • Chris: Sections look good, I would just ask people to next consider massaging the text to be a mixture of background info as well as step-by-step instructions on how to use the database and website
  • Chris will be in touch with authors individually

Biocuration meeting 2017

  • Attendants: Chris, Raymond, Mary Ann, Ranjana
  • Ranjana or Raymond can present the Micropublications poster