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== WS258 release date==
== WS258 release date==
3rd of March according to calendar
3rd of March according to calendar

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Agenda & minutes

WS258 release date

3rd of March according to calendar

SObA graph for Gene Ontology

Summary of GO annotations for a gene, e.g.

tax-2, 28 annotations.
let-60, 102 annot.
daf-16, 227 annot.

Minutes: Raymond has been working on a prototype. People should try it and give feedback. Whole graph cannot be dumped as PDF yet, have to zoom in and export as PNG. Plan is to extend this graph from WB data to data from other mods, eventually having a single graph per gene.

Methods in Molecular Biology article

Most sections convered but need people to write about social media, helpdesk etc


New button to take screenshots at higher resolution. Use a tool that is limited to 100 screenshots a day so not definitive but can be experimented with.


SAB in less than 3 weeks. The Disease working group is interfacing with UI working group to get a prototype up and running.