WBConfCall 2017.01.19-Agenda and Minutes

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2017 consortium meeting plans

  • AGR (and potential for an "all hands" meeting in the Summer) has disrupted normal plans
  • Will there be an Advisory Board Meeting in 2017?
    • Before AGR, next one was mooted for Spring (at OICR)
  • Will there be (near)whole group attendance at the International Worm Meeting?
    • If there is insufficient funds due to AGR meeting(s), could we apply for additional funds (where?) as a one-off?
    • Flights (for those coming from the UK) are cheaper if booked further in advance (i.e. cost of the trip will be lower if we make a decision soon)
    • Alternatively: Could we lobby for AGR all-hands meeting to be immediately before/after IWM, to maximise opportunity to attend?
      • Although: two short(er) trips (vs. one long trip) may be easier/preferable for people with families or other responsibilities


  • AGR Community meeting will be on March 7th
  • Lincoln can't make it to the AGR Meeting (March 2nd)- will be at a wedding in India
  • Advisory Board meeting will be on The Sunday
  • SAB meeting will help with with grant writing
    • Two deadlines May or September (Paul S. prefers the September deadline)
    • SAB meeting should be between May and July
    • The groups preference is to not have it near the International Worm Meeting
    • Need to draft a plan for a community feedback session. The idea is to have it at the end of the meeting on Sunday
    • After IWM will have an idea of what people want an will adjust plans based on feedback.

Planning for WS259 release and beyond

  • Ideally, need to avoid production/release close to IWM


  • would like to not have a rease too close to the IWM (currently 26th of May, leaving three weeks)
  • There will be one conference call (February 2nd) before the schema will be frozen for WS259 (February 3rd)
  • Hinxton is aiming for the end of February to start the release (upload date is March 3rd)


  • Any updates on portal 0.3 and working groups


  • The API architecture working group had its first meeting and has started making decisions. The main decision at this point is to have each individual mode to develop their own tools for converting their data into a specified specification (likely JSON). There will also be an API created that is separate from the one that is provided from ElasticSearch. Went over, as a group, the prototype code for the search interface.
  • Scoot has a instance running of JBrowse running data from four different mods. The data is being loaded into S3 for AGR JBrowse to access. The intent is for S3 to be used for data submission for JBrowse by each of the mods.
  • Disease working group working on display . Way to drill down from high level summary to details. from disease association file. Hope to have something by February to give to developers.
  • Finalize dataspec for data exchange file.

Switching to GoToMeeting


  • We will be trying out gotomeetings going forward.
    • Has been tested out at CalTech
    • Only caveat is that there are no 1-800 numbers.

Methods Paper

  • Deadline April 1st - would like a draft well before then
  • No specified length - keep within reason
  • Will contact individual authors