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* https://www.gotomeet.me/... (last bit provided separately)
* https://www.gotomeet.me/... (last bit provided separately)
= Minutes =
=== Minutes ===

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2017 consortium meeting plans

  • AGR (and potential for an "all hands" meeting in the Summer) has disrupted normal plans
  • Will there be an Advisory Board Meeting in 2017?
    • Before AGR, next one was mooted for Spring (at OICR)
  • Will there be (near)whole group attendance at the International Worm Meeting?
    • If there is insufficient funds due to AGR meeting(s), could we apply for additional funds (where?) as a one-off?
    • Flights (for those coming from the UK) are cheaper if booked further in advance (i.e. cost of the trip will be lower if we make a decision soon)
    • Alternatively: Could we lobby for AGR all-hands meeting to be immediately before/after IWM, to maximise opportunity to attend?
      • Although: two short(er) trips (vs. one long trip) may be easier/preferable for people with families or other responsibilities

Planning for WS259 release and beyond

  • Ideally, need to avoid production/release close to IWM


  • Any updates on portal 0.3 and working groups

Switching to GoToMeeting