WBConfCall 2017.01.05-Agenda and Minutes

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Agenda & Minutes

Minutes inline in each section

WormBase how-to articles

  • We have agreed to submit a how-to articles for WormBase and ParaSite for Methods in Molecular Biology
    • Hinxton will write the ParasSite one. Anyone want to lead the writing of the main WB one?
      • I'm happy to - with help from my colleagues. Mary Ann
    • Can we somehow leverage the work done on the WormBook chapters?


Mary Ann and Chris will write the main WB one. Leveraging the work done on WormBook Chapters:

 * Please state what was agreed (!) (missed this due to noise on call and confusion) 

Global identifiers / RRID

(No text)


Paul Davis (PAD) detailed that:

* he'd been in communication with Aric and talked about confusion with the syntax, sought clarification
* Hinxton are already providing data dumps for RRI to pick up

Raymond asked PAD for insight on how RRIDs are being used, Paul D replied:

* Searching for Elegans strains, summarises data provided by source(s) (eg: CGC?)
* Portal provides links back to resource (e.g: WormBase)

PAD will be having a call with RRI next week.

Kevin queried the e-mail thread where Karen raised objection to the RRID scheme.

Karen explained the rationale for objections; group discussed at length. Main points were:

 * Organisation behind RRID is commercial, questioned if RRID is in WB's best interests 
 * Inclusion of "data class" in the identifier

This may be brought up on a future AGR call.

Biocurator Conference


Please see WormBase-Caltech_Weekly_Calls

Help Desk

  • #5255 Tree display of CB4856 strain.
 Perhaps warrants further discussion; still issues on the live site.
 Question posited previously: Should we keep the Tree Display feature?
  • Request from Iskra Katic to add Basel Worm Meeting on March 16th, 2017, in Basel, Switzerland to website
 (email only, no github ticket)


Tree Display - please see git hub ticket.

Todd will action the request from Iskra Katic.