WBConfCall 2017-10-18-Agenda and Minutes

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Linkouts to AGR from WB gene & disease pages

Unresolved Ticket

  • Change "Tissue Enrichment Analysis" to "Gene Set Enrichment Analysis" in (navigation) Tools menu #5565


AGR linkouts

  • To be put in place for AGR release on 20th October
    • Founding member logo in the footer
    • Links to AGR genes from C. elegans gene pages (not other species)
    • Links to AGR diseases from disease page
    • Implementation detail: link should bring up a new tab
  • Lincoln: need to state reason why users would want to visit AGR
    • Lesson from SGS: Comparison between model organisms
  • Less urgent to-to items
    • Add to table of external links
    • Links to AGR from fly/zfish etc gene pages in WormBase?

Tissue enrichment analysis ticket

  • Will be done

FlyBase SAB update

  • FlyBase will start charging user fees
  • Mandatory but not enforced
    • Leave it up to labs to decide how many users they have
  • Well thought-out plan, “approved” by NHGRI
    • Fees are allowed to be charged to grants, donations are not
  • Allowed under U41, but not allowed for U24 : not an option for WB
  • We can use their announcement to encourage our users to contribute in non-financial ways (e.g. community curation)