WBConfCall 2017-09-21-Agenda and Minutes

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Agenda and Minutes

Grant renewal update



  • Grant
    • On track. Will be pulled of Gdocs today to format, references etc.
    • People generally positive about the treatment of AGR
    • People also felt that the app shows sufficient innovation
  • modENCODE tracks
    • Some of the modENCODE tracks mapped to wrong assembly and potentially superseded by new data
    • Proposal: create a JBrowse on the old assembly, and put the old modENCODE tracks there
      • Survey people to find out if anyone actually uses these tracks
  • Regulatory features
    • Issue one: TF binding site features are not associated with genes
    • Issue two: they have opaque WBsf ids
    • Proposal: implement a method to associated TF binding site features with genes and give them human-readable names
      • Names possibly based on genes either side of the feature
    • Chris will push forward with this an bring others in where appropriate