WBConfCall 2017-09-06-Agenda and Minutes

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  • Welcome new Caltech curator, Jae Cho

RRID - Karen and Mary Ann

  • User asking for advice on creating RRIDs for strains.
  • Karen does not support their use except maybe for objects which do not have unique IDs (e.g antibodies)
  • Their use is optional
  • should be discussed within AGR
  • User needs WormBase response.
  • Minutes from site-wide meeting 10-Dec-2015 state "WormBase supports this project and will work with Anita and Aric to enable them to get the info they need from WB."
  • https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1R6j3sDROikjqtJBDRDu7Yf8uBuKnfTgzywBRRW60ia8/edit#gid=0 states RRID has been deprecated for CGC and they will use WBids. Not sure when this was added.
    • Comment: CGC used to supply data as well as WB......this was seen as counterproductive seeing as we take the CGC strains....WB became the sole supplier of C. elegans strain data to RRID.

Grant Renewal Update

Annotation of Multiple Point Mutations (CRISPR) Mary Ann