WBConfCall 2017-08-03-Agenda and Minutes

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1. wormbase.com now available on domain marketplace

Outstanding Help Desk Issues

  • https://github.com/WormBase/website/issues/5790
    • Request for information on how to submit expression data (Daniela replied) and alternatively spliced transcripts. Could someone reply to her about how to submit alternative splicing data?
  • https://github.com/WormBase/website/issues/5755
    • User asked about documentation on genome browser features, in particular about why some TF BS ChIP-Seq peaks are highlighted in orange and others are not. Do we have documentation describing the tracks, e.g. modENCODE tracks?

GBrowse modENCODE ChIPSeq peaks.png


Wormbase.com domain

  • Available on marketplace, $20,000 (extortion?)

Outstanding help desk issues

  • User wants to provide alternative splicing data
  • User asking about TF binding site peak calls in modENCODE tracks in GBrowse; Scott will communicate with Gary W. and get back to user

modENCODE data

  • Should WormBase provide authoritative info about modENCODE data? Something to consider

NAR paper

  • Comes out once a year
  • Downside: we need to pay for it each time
  • Raymond's proposal: each of three WB sites contributes a portion of the paper, each with a point person/representative; three representatives coordinate writing the paper and act as first authors?
  • Todd, Paul K.: maybe better to stick to a single lead author to have consistent voice
  • Raymond: each site knows the new features and issues to bring up; could try as an experiment
  • Lincoln: Worth experimenting, but should state deadlines early on in case the experiment doesn't work
  • Raymond asking for first draft submissions by August 15th (paper submission deadline ~September 15th)
  • Hinxton will discuss (who will be lead for Hinxton writing) with Kevin when he is back; OICR will discuss internally and get back to Raymond

WormBase grant writing

  • Paul S: people should consider what they're working on and write up page including current progress (numbers) and where we want to go in the future
  • Will need to propose how we will integrate with AGR
  • Drafts due in one week (unless on vacation, then 2 weeks)

Search testing

  • Sibyl working on new search (sent email)
  • http://dev.wormbase.org:9004
  • Asking for people to test their favorite data types
  • Purpose is to remove ACEDB-dependency
  • Using Elastic Search as backend; slightly more maintenance than Xapian, but probably worth it
  • People can provide feedback to Sibyl