WBConfCall 2017-07-06-Agenda and Minutes

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Apologies for absence

Michael P.

NIH BD2K / Commons call

  • We have been invited to apply for funding for 1-year development projects for AGR
  • Should be outside the scope of AGR core deliverables (which we are already funded for), but should increase the utility/usability of AGR data



Follow up question about alternative transcripts...Raymond forwarded email from user.

Now resolved


Number of 1 year projects/6mth pilot with 2nd pahse and possible extension.

NIH - testing to see what ideas people have but no specific plan. (poss a software development slant?)

Number of ideas being proposed to extend what AGR/Mods are doing:

  • AGR - RNASeq pipeline
    • Auto submits to SRA for user
    • We gain by getting consistent meta data
    • User gets additional analysis data - Ontology enrichment data etc.
    • Panther enhancement project
  • Gene Orientear for all AGR databases.
    • New cloud resource with consistent data

AGR projects skip letter of intention phase other projects will have to put in letter then there will be evaluation to see who gets grants for this.

Mike Cherry collecting ideas some have come from FlyBase Valentina will get advice on what is the right thing to do.

Other things we could develop:

New AGR version/implementation of Diopt

  • !e regulatory build tied into AGR
  • Todd - Non-AGR simplified cross cloud deployment mechanism - need some argument for AGR alignment

Still pretty fluid about what will be funded etc.

Datomic Migration Project

  • Integrated data - Instant update
  • Non-integrated data - data freeze and additional analysis.
  • Common curation database:
** Slowly moving towards using Datomic for more

Datomic and AGR idea conflict

Currently AGR has no commitment to a common back end database No concrete plan for common curation infrastructure but ideas have been thrown about....is it achievable in current phase? AGR mainly focusing on a data warehouse for running the AGR portal.

Additional argument for Datomic......whatever AGR moves to in the future it is likely to be a triple store/document based system which Datomic can be used to produce/facilitate.

    • Good for testing the modeling of data in this format.
    • Time based component is def novel and an asset
  • Migration will be a pain for all in AGR

-- more to come --