WBConfCall 2017-06-15-Agenda and Minutes

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1. IWM final prep


1. Paul 8 minute talk on the first night

  • Topics:
    • AGR
    • JBrowse
    • Simplemine
    • Enrichment Analyses
    • Props out to community on Phenotype curation
    • Micropublication
    • Hyperlinking project
    • Textpresso

2. Metablomics talk

  • Paul asked if Mary Ann could present / be present and to do some background work

3. Will there be a group meeting at the IWM?

  • Raymond: possible lunch meeting
  • Paul: How will people know that we are from WormBase?

4. Schwag: glow stick necklaces

5. Paul: Is there a good screen shot for JBrowse?

Scott will look into it.

6. Ranjana: Paul's student is presenting; adding reminder for it

7. The weather in LA will be sunny. Prep accordingly. Those from the UK should plan to bring sunscreen with a 30 or higher SPF and apply it liberally.

  • (and bring sunglasses)