WBConfCall 2017-04-20-Agenda and Minutes

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WS260 reminder

  • upload date is 28th of April (as in: next week Friday)

Resurrection of PI tag discussion Mary Ann

  • See email discussion with subject "Re: How to we defined a worm lab? [was: Re: Worm PI List]" from Jan and Feb 2016
    • Maybe wait for Todd to be back

open helpdesk issues



Karen is uploading for CalTech

Resurrection of PI tag discussion (Mary Ann)

  • how to deal with labs without CGC strain registrations?
  • we should populate the PI tag in the WBPerson class


  • user account (Sybil): needs more information from the user
  • broken treeview (Raymond):
    • drop it from the website, as we can use XAce locally?
    • keep it and find something more stable (a.e. the Datomic viewer)
    • how often is it used?
    • useful for navigating anatomy terms
    • have CalTech try out TrAceView as possible replacement.


  • monthly all-hands call replaces the curator call
  • no a public API at the moment
    • one of the next releases might get REST endpoints for search and widget contents (Adam)
    • would be useful for an ontology browser (Raymond)
  • data exchange format for gene ids need to be worked out (Sybil)
    • will have Global IDs in the form ResourcePrefix:ID similar to Gene Ontology (Kevin)
    • display needs to be decided (potentially on a resource by resource basis)
    • Diopt might use the Global IDs
    • needs potentially more namespaces to disambiguate a.e. strains (Ranjana)
    • DAF as final product for the AGR FTP site, internal data exchange format will be JSON (Kevin)
    • DAF is the current interchange format for SimpleMine (Wen)
    • would it also apply to GAF? (Ranjana)
    • we will create a DAF file for the WormBase FTP site, replacing the current disease GAF file (Kevin)
      • might break SOBR (Raymond)
      • we will do two versions DAF + GAF until say WS261 (Kevin)
  • there is a case to think about a AGR FTP site (Adam)


  • will be submitted tomorrow
  • needs correct affiliation emailed to Chris