WBConfCall 2016.11.17-Agenda and Minutes

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AGR 1.0 spec - postponed

  • FlyBase Harvard got together and thrashed out a specification for the content of the first release of the AGR portal.
  • Other groups have been invited to do the same. Shall we?

CeNDR integration

  • Action following discussion with Erik (Mary Ann)
    • curate and add 91 strains from their catalogue to WB
    • add dbxref to all strains (342) in their catalogue
    • add Comment to all CeNDR strains held at CGC pointing users to CeNDR
    • fix some erroneous existing strain data (don't know which ones they are)
    • add link from External Resources page

Intellectual Lineage Graph

(Should dev site goes down: standalone version).

Conference call using GoToMeeting

  • Current AT&T Global Teleconference Service is very costly (~$500/month)
  • gotomeeting.com appears to be similar to Bluejeans that AGR uses
  • At a much lower cost, $30/month subscription fee for 50 participants

Here's the toll-free option for GoToMeeting: https://www.gotomeeting.com/features/conference-call

Help Desk issues outstanding

  • All open issues from users look like they are being addressed. Thanks everyone!


AGR 1.0 spec

Chris absent, so item postponed

CeNDR integration

  • https://elegansvariation.org (Kevin)
  • "Deeper" integration? What does this mean? -> Paul Sternberg
  • Action following discussion with Erik (Mary Ann)

Kevin: initially proposed links, but Erik wants something a bit more down the line
Paul: want their own widget - or display on the genome browser
Kevin: Erik has their own genome browser, but it might be too difficult to keep up with their variation IDs if they make changes
Paul: we should just start with the linking for now and address deeper integration later

Intellectual Lineage Graph / Datomic

(Should dev site goes down: standalone version).

  • people like it
  • node size indicates number of connections
  • Paul S. suggests to include correlations to show co-authorship and potential collaborators or competitors
  • Sibyl: do data come from datomic?
  • Juancarlos: no, from ACeDB
  • Kevin: datomic would be more powerful to use for doing connection calculations
  • Full view is too difficult to navigate when there are too many nodes
  • 504 website problem yesterday affecting ontology browser and lineage problem
  • 504 web problem fixed last night but access to browsers still a problem? - Todd needs more information about where the ontology browser is located to figure out why there are access problems
  • Raymond: how stable is Datomic?
  • Kevin: has been stable for a while now, datomic version has been made for the each of the past WB builds
  • Sibyl: for the next build, the Genetics widget and Phenotype will be created in Datomic
  • Kevin: might we be able to use person data to capture data in Datomic - right now, datomic is just read only, but we should test out data capture by it
  • Juancarlos: will need to export paper data - Kimberly agrees to try it
  • To test an instantaneous up to date version of the graph, will need to make a separate datomic instance?
  • Paper data is a better than person, since can scrape more data
  • Migration to datomic is intimidating, but any component that can be isolated for testing is welcome, but lineage data might be complicated due to its paper-person connection, paper alone might be ok; however person might be able to be good data to test, will only need to lose some paper connections, which will be acceptable. Also phenotype should be considered. Good types to try are things with submission forms.
  • Once set up need to address widget code to build in real-time datomic data
  • person data a bit complicated since user submissions need to go through Cecilia
  • We are pretty committed to Datomic
  • Paul S. what else should we be testing/producing
  • Raymond: how do we deal with discrepancies between acedb and datomic
  • Kevin: competency practice should go from getting data in datomic and use that for the build rather than the other way around, we are still unfamiliar with capturing data in datomic, so we need to get experience with that
  • Juancarlos - change person widgets to get data from Datomic. Find out about a live version of datomic, as opposed to a release version, point some display widgets there. Point Caltech curation forms that use Person data to live Datomic. Write a person editor using live Datomic.

Conference call using GoToMeeting

  • Current AT&T Global Teleconference Service just restricted to voice and costs were doubled (~$500/month)from the previous AT&T conference system, if we go back, cost is $250/month (metered and account stays active for 6 months if not used).
  • Bluejeans, used by AGR quoted us $10,000/year
  • gotomeeting.com appears to be similar to Bluejeans - allows video, text
  • GoToMeeting At a much lower cost, $30/month subscription fee for 50 participants
    • Scott - can dial in from app or telephone number,
    • Matt: worked fine for the times he used it
    • Daniela and Karen used it for a conference call - screen sharing is possible, but bad when screen sharer goes from screen to screen
    • Daniela: is there a trial possible? Raymond: Yes, but does not include international call
    • Todd: many VOIP services have problems with communication when many people on the line
    • Plan is to try it out with Caltech call, but toll free 800 is an option, need to read the fine line to make sure
    • If we go for it, requires 1-year commitment
  • we will switch back to the old AT&T number for now, while we try out GoToMeeting - Raymond

Help Desk issues outstanding

  • Issue #5243 "[wormbase-help] Invitation to contribute a chapter for Methods in Molecular Biology" ; deadline for submission is 1st April, 2017
  • flybase did write something up
  • the group will think about it
  • All open issues from users look like they are being addressed. Thanks everyone!