WBConfCall 2016.11.17-Agenda and Minutes

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AGR 1.0 spec

  • FlyBase Harvard got together and thrashed out a specification for the content of the first release of the AGR portal.
  • Other groups have been invited to do the same. Shall we?

CeNDR integration

  • Action following discussion with Erik (Mary Ann)
    • curate and add 91 strains from their catalogue to WB
    • add dbxref to all strains (342) in their catalogue
    • add Comment to all CeNDR strains held at CGC pointing users to CeNDR
    • fix some erroneous existing strain data (don't know which ones they are)
    • add link from External Resources page

Intellectual Lineage Graph

(Should dev site goes down: standalone version).

Help Desk issues outstanding

  • Issue #5243 "[wormbase-help] Invitation to contribute a chapter for Methods in Molecular Biology" ; deadline for submission is 1st April, 2017, discussion my happen about WormBase - ParaSite contributing a chapter.
  • All open issues from users look like they are being addressed. Thanks everyone!