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No outstanding issues
No outstanding issues
=== Open Meeting ==
= Minutes =
= Minutes =

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No outstanding issues

= Open Meeting


  • WormBook Chapters - Daniella
    • Should we put these up on the website as a supplement/replacement of the user guide?
    • What has happened to them as Some of the chapters went out for review and were pretty much accepted.
    • It would be great if these could 1st be published in WormBook as they were a considerable amount of work and publication credit should be given/obtained.
    • If they take a long time then we might have to update
    • If we fail to get them published then we will use them on the site.
  • Lincoln asked if there were any web issues that he should be aware of at this time
    • Nothing major from users
    • Reiterated from the last call that WB would push on with the website releases as scheduled with Sibyl and Scott managing the staging process.