WBConfCall 2016.07.21-Agenda and Minutes

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NameServer Update

we are updating the NameDB hardware on Tuesday morning, so it will be out of action from 9am-12pm(BST) / 1am-4am(LA time).

Conference call services (June 16)


TAGC reports (Karen, Daniella, Todd)

Daniela and Karen are on vacation, reports from us will have to wait until next week.

AGR update



  • *MP*: Need to move the nameserver to new hardware
    • Requires a few hours to setup
  • *KH*: will probably be one of first things to move as part of migration.

Conference call services

BlueJeans too expensive, but maybe be able to use AGR. Wait a few months and revisit.


  • *PD*: No models proposals to date.
  • proposals for WS256 due 29 July 2016
  • can push if necessary
  • *CG*: Considering new model for objectifying phenotype annotations*
  • now mostly stored in hash
  • RNAi uses standalone phenotype, considering similar approach
  • *RK* Considering expansion of ?Disease*
  • similar to GO info
  • we currently do not capture all details of the experiment (variations, transgenes, molecules, etc)
  • *KH* GO annotation model a slight outlier from our current models in order to support GAF
  • *PS* Suggesting to RK to start with desired GAF output and work backwards
  • common output: GAF format
  • *PS*: disease modeling top priority for joint alliance.

TAGC Update

  • *PS* Review of bigger scheme of things
  • Collins response to petition
  • 1. Will have meeting in fall with community represenatives to make sure MODs still meeting needs in face of AGR
  • 2. Cuts not carved in stone
  • 3. Paying attention to MODs and that they will have a home
  • Interactions with MODs
  • Discussions about infrastructure
  • ... (sorry was trying to participate ... add notes/comments if you have)
  • *PS* Have internal discussion at WormBase on implementation
  • Also, PI discussion about how to get started
  • FlyBase ad experiment

AGR update

  • *PS* Supplement went in yesterday
  • Process and thought that went in as important as the document itself
  • Need to deliver on cross-MOD querying
  • *LS* InterMOD does basically deliver that, more or less.
  • Sibyl
  • Web designer helping out next few weeks: Miyuki, web designer @ OICR for 5 years
  • will be helping out with usability and design
  • working with Sibyl to implement UI changes