WBConfCall 2016.06.16-Agenda and Minutes

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  • WS253 is now live / WS254 is on staging
  • HelpDesk reminder for datamining:
    • ParaSite is based on WS252
    • WormMine is based on WS250
    • Fraq/SimpleMine is based on WS253?


Conference call format

  • BlueGenes!


  • Congratulations to the England Association Football (soccer) team, on their recent victory against Wales.

open tickets



  • CalTech will check on which Version FraqMine is running.

Conference Calls Format

  • it is called BlueJeans
  • needs evaluation how much we spend on AT&T


multi-hour discussion:

  • the time plan and general plan is a bit unclear
    • resources (have / need)
      • infrastructure
      • curation / teams
      • ...
    • goals (when / what) / roadmap
  • we know we need to converge and identify redundancies to do the promised savings
    • there are already some ongoing projects like überMine, that might be used for federating parts of the databases.
  • some proposals / POVs from various people, which probably should be threshed out in more detail and communicated afterwards