WBConfCall 2016.06.02-Agenda and Minutes

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Chair: Gary Williams

WS255 models

Freeze date 10th June

Proposals so far:


Additional level of data capture within the Interaction model for Physical Interactions.

    Interaction_type Physical Protein_protein

Mary Ann

Variation, additional Production_method.

Origin Production_method MosDEL

Open Issues


Model Changes

  • Paul described the model changes - these are both simple.
  • There were no problems found with these.

Variations in Human and Worm

  • Ranjana said that Tim Schedl has asked about the status of modelling the same variation in Human and Worm.
  • Kevin is working on this in conjunction with Sibyl who is developing a viewer.
  • Karen raised the possibility of manual curation being required. This would require further model changes and would be a large task.
  • It was felt that further discussion of this should wait until Kevin is back.
  • Sibyl said that she would share her work on the viewer with anyone who wanted to see what it looks like.


  • Raymond wanted to know when this would go live because he has already updated the Ontology Browser.
  • Todd said that is was delayed by a few days.


  • Chris is interested in doing some Datomic queries to learn more about it. He wanted to know if there was an equivalent of the ACE models file.
  • There is an annotated Models file and a lisp-like file giving details of the tag-names etc. Matt will share the URL for these on the staff mailing list.

Simple Mine

  • Raymond asked if anyone had objections to a simple gene data mining tool.
  • Nobody objected.
  • This will be based on FraqMine.
  • Raymond will start a GitHub ticket for people to discuss this project.

TAGC meeting

  • Todd wanted to know how large the book of the meeting was.
  • It is at least 22 pages - could be more, but less than 30.