WBConfCall 2016.05.05-Agenda and Minutes

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  • Inter-curator call
  • UMOD meeting


Inter-curator call

  • Karen set up call with Doug Howe from ZFIN
  • Had first call yesterday; included ZFIN, WB, SGD, FlyBase, RGD
  • Discussed format of the call for future calls
  • Karen covered basic overview of WB pages
  • Doug Howe covered basics of ZFIN
  • Will continue to discuss overviews of other MOD websites (RGD and FlyBase next week)
  • Will start with weekly meetings for May, try every other week after that
  • Group is collecting topics and presenters on Google docs
  • Topics could be curation pipelines, data display, tools, etc.

ZFIN/WB software collaboration

  • ZFIN is interested in communicating with WB about software/tools
  • ZFIN has reached out to Hinxton

UMOD meeting

  • 9 PI's from WB, FB, ZFIN, SGD
  • Planning on MOD integration at software level
  • Creating a general plan with NHGRI
  • Want to find the best existing tools among the MODs and decide what will be used going forward
  • Over next two years, develop common architecture; need something useful in 1 year
  • Initially we would develop a common portal that integrates links to each of the MODs
  • Want to find all common features, e.g. InterMine, and work towards integration
  • Would be good to identify what we expect to be difficult problems in integration so we can discuss ASAP

Grant progress report

  • Due in June
  • Paul will send around relevant files
  • Everyone should think about what progress to report from last year