WBConfCall 2016.04.07-Agenda and Minutes

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1. UMOD - form a common work portal

  • Breakdown website to widgets, so that they can be discussed from curation level. Widgets may have different names in each MOD, but they have the same concept and are data type oriented. HTML and javascript allows developers to create different visualization separately and share them.
  • Todd will create a widget category file.
  • Besides the google doc for all curation efforts, UMOD also need a technology catalog so that developers know what softwares are used by other MODs and they can work together.
  • Will all data be together in UMOD? Depends on data type and web performance requirement. Each data type may vary.
  • Need to figure out how to get other databases to help WB, instead of we do more and more work for others (such as Textpresso ... ). Long term goal: Other MODs can help us with maintaining infrastructual so that web team staff can take vacations. They can also help develop new web tools. Short term goal: get low hanging fruits first (SPELL, ModSEEK ...)

2. UMOD - challenges

  • Level of commitment of working together
  • paper-by-paper or data-type oriented curation pipeline. Eventually data-type oriented will be the solution because of automated curation and community curation.
  • Paul will have phone calls with PIs in other MODs on 4/8. Curators can contact their correspondents in other MODs after Paul's phone calls.

3. Crisper design tool

  • Sternberg Lab has been using the MIT tool.Can UMOD design a common tool for all species?
  • Kevin and Todd will work on this.

4. Intermod/Intermine project

  • Gives more work for WormMine team because it changes general work flow, but will help software update in the future.

5. Biocurator meeting

  • Mary Ann will run a workshop for community curation
  • Kimberly will give a talk about Textpresso central and mining, also have a workshop on GO curation and LEGO.

6. JBrowse

  • start to be widely adopted. SGD uses JBrowse. Most of large MODs use GBrowse along with JBrowse.

7. WS254 model frozen.

  • Paul Davis will send out a link with all the model changes in WS254.