WBConfCall 2016.03.03-Agenda and Minutes

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WS252 and WS253

  • Release cycle for WS252 and WS252 has been thrown out by SAB.
    • Is there an ETA for WS252 to go live? -- this coming weekend
    • Dates need adjusting for WS253

Help Desk Items

Help Desk Items - Resolved


  • On call:
    • Caltech: Chris, Gary, Juancarlos, Karen, Kimberly, Mary Ann, Paul, Ranjana, Raymond, Wen
    • EBI: Kevin, Michael
    • OICR: Scott, Todd

Upload Schedule

  • WS252 will go live this weekend (March 5th - 6th)
  • WS253 build is scheduled to be on the ftp site March 12th, will be on staging one month later
  • WS254 upload will be the last week of April (Caltech) for the build to start the first week of May

Help Desk Issues

  • Sequence display cut off on right-hand side of pop-up window
    • Checked staging, as Chris suggested, and this is fixed there. Will email user and close ticket.
  • plst-1 cDNA ticket is still outstanding, but otherwise we are all caught up.
  • BLASTP FAQs - Michael will update FAQ and link to it from Sequence widget?

Datomic Migration

  • Some Caltech curators are interested in starting to learn more about Datomic so they can begin to think about data models
  • What is the best way to gain access and learn?
  • Perhaps a bit premature to start this, as OICR is still working on managing permission, allocating compute resources, etc.
  • However, there are Datomic tutorials, a github repo
  • Adam has emailed round a copy of the schema, as well
  • The 'Colonnade' query interface developed by Thomas is not necessarily going to be the production query tool in the future, so it's not clear how much investment people should make in playing around with it right now

Human Variation

  • EBI has set up a database and API for the web team to display this data
  • Sibyl and Todd are just getting started with this project for WS253; have a specifications doc
  • WB will show alignments of human and elegans sequences