WBConfCall 2016.03.03-Agenda and Minutes

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WS252 and WS253

  • Release cycle for WS252 and WS252 has been thrown out by SAB.
    • Is there an ETA for WS252 to go live? -- this coming weekend
    • Dates need adjusting for WS253

Help Desk Items

Help Desk Items - Resolved


  • On call:
    • Caltech: Chris, Gary, Juancarlos, Karen, Kimberly, Mary Ann, Paul, Ranjana, Raymond, Wen
    • EBI: Kevin, Michael
    • OICR: Scott, Todd

Upload Schedule

  • WS252 will go live this weekend (March 5th - 6th)
  • WS253 build is scheduled to be on the ftp site March 12th, will be on staging one month later
  • WS254 upload will be the last week of April (Caltech) for the build to start the first week of May

Help Desk Issues

  • Sequence display caught off on right-hand side of pop-up window
    • Checked staging, as Chris suggested, and this is fixed there. Will email user and close ticket.
  • plst-1 cDNA ticket is still outstanding, but otherwise we are all caught up.