WBConfCall 2016.02.18-Agenda and Minutes

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Release announcements

  • can we use space on the front page to announce gene name changes and newly named genes
  • are there other data that should be announced or highlighted?

Homage to Bob Edgar

(originator of the WormBreeder's Gazette among other things), his passing was announced yesterday, can/should something be posted on the blog or the front page. Perhaps we can put an SOP in place for announcing such news about our Community members- of course this can include retirement and new lab PI's?

New Starter

Matthew Russell has started at EBI, working on the Datomic migration project

Outstanding help requests

I don't really know what this means, re RNAi: https://github.com/WormBase/website/issues/4589

Some 500 errors that are likely transient:


1. For Gene name changes per release, we need a prominent link on the front page as there's much interest and confusion in the field. Release notes too.

  • Includes gene name updates in release notes.
  • Included in WS build process.
  • Names of core species.
  • Creates a ticket for this.