WBConfCall 2016.01.21-Agenda and Minutes

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New Starters

  • Myriam Shafie started in Hinxton (Sanger, ParaSite)


  • Everyone on track?


  • Lab Heads - defining and tracking PIs



tracking of PIs

  • a lab head mailing list was created
  • should we put a tracking system in place to track subscribed lab heads/PIs in the database?
    • changing the Person class to add a PI tag would be possible
    • needs potential additional curation together with the CGC (~4000 WBPeople who paid for strains from the CGC) - needs checking with Aric

Random Bits

  • model organism funding progress (zebrafish / mouse)
  • Gene Classes vs Biotypes from Sequence Ontology Terms - specificity/uniqueness/presentation
    • try more specific SO-terms for genes in one of the next builds
    • the idea is to use SO-terms for InterMine indexing
  • disease relevant human variants mapped to C.elegans was proposed as a future project
  • recruiting for the Datomic database position is making good progress