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* Genomics
* Genomics
* Parasite
* Parasite
== HelpDesk==
* No outstanding tickets
* chromosome map tool (https://github.com/WormBase/website/issues/1103). Requires more time to implement
* Next officer Yuling
== Upload for WS253 will be after SAB ==
== Upload for WS253 will be after SAB ==

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SAB (4th-5th Feb 2016, Caltech)

  • There is a page for the SAB here
  • Agenda: add ideas to the SAB page
  • Advisors list complete?
  • Pre-SAB: practice talks?
  • WS253 data upload postponed after SAB


  • No outstanding tickets (a couple of older tickets seem ready to be closed, please close them if you think the issues have been resolved)
  • One ticket from the previous conference call
  • Next officer Yuling

Happy Holidays

  • Next call Jan 7th


SAB (4th-5th Feb 2016, Caltech)

please add topics ideas on the SAB Agenda, we should have a 'very rough draft' of what we are going to present by Dec 23rd


  • pre-meeting Wednesday Feb 3rd
    • everyone will be at Caltech on Wed, final discussions before SAB, will have a round to see each other's slide and get ready for the next day
  • SAB meeting will be in two locations
    • Keck conference room
    • Millikan room
    • Thursday we will present and Friday morning the advisors will have breakfast and report back, everything should wrap up around lunch
  • post-meeting Friday Feb 5th
    • most of the people will leave on Sat/Sun, there will be a post meeting session on Friday Feb 5th
  • PIs meeting
    • PIs will meet either Wed or Fri afternoon, (to check Lincoln's schedule)


  • Jason Stajich -> yes
  • Mike Cherry -> maybe
  • Brian Oliver (flybase advisor) -> yes
  • Oliver Hobert -> yes
  • Monte Westerfield (ZFIN) -> maybe
  • few people will get back soon (e.g. Robin Gasser)


  • Efficiency improvements
  • Community curation (allele-phenotype, concise descriptions, etc.)
  • Text mining
  • Database migration
  • SObA (Solr/Amigo/Cytoscape reuse)
  • Automated concise descriptions
  • Documentation plans (granular (per widget/object/feature) links from website to wiki)
  • Micropublications
  • Human disease / pathways
  • Genomics
  • Parasite


Upload for WS253 will be after SAB