WBConfCall 2015.11.19-Agenda and Minutes

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Apologies for absence

Paul D. Todd H.(poss)


Few older tickets still open, but vast majority answered or so new they are not overdue, thanks everyone.



  • Paul invited Brian Oliver (FlyBase) to the WormBase SAB

WormBook Chapters

  • some need some last reviews (Chris)

Phenotype Curation (Ranjana / Chris)

  • set up a pipeline to contact authors for allele/phenotype/concise description
  • so far 20% response rate (for phenotype)
  • could be extended to cover other data types (transgenes, etc.)

PI Call (Paul S / Paul K)

  • needs rescheduling, as it falls on the 4th

InterMod (Paul S)

  • cross MOD interaction
  • potentially a common API / software / data models
  • more meetings upcoming:
    • GMOD meeting is upcoming (Scot)
    • BioCuration meeting (Lincoln)
    • specific more-technical InterMod meetings