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=== WormBook update ===
=== WormBook update ===
===Grant Supplement===
=== Farewell Thomas ===
=== Farewell Thomas ===

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Models and GIT

Advisory Meeting 2016

  • when and where?

WormBook update

Grant Supplement

Farewell Thomas


Data models on Git

  • People will still use the Models list to propose models
  • Paul will record proposals and changes on GitHub
  • Will link to the Hinxton Models CVS repository
  • Models will get flagged with a milestone when the model is approved and ready

Advisory Meeting 2016

  • Jan 2016 will not work for everyone
  • Paul S. will look for dates in Feb/March
  • 2017 SAB meeting will be in Toronto

WormBook update

  • GSA will take over WormBook, will publish one or two chapters a month
  • Existing site will remain, things as such for the next 6 months at least
  • WormBase.org can now be repurposed as an arm of WormBase, use for micro-publications, genome announcements/descriptions, granular reviews, pathway reviews
  • GSA also runs FlyBook and YeastBook
  • Will have an unified table of contents and with links to the GSA content

Supplement to Grant

  • Supplement to grant; this is with other MODs for a version of InterMod on the cloud populated with MOD mines
  • Ability to query genes across MODs and get back annotations in a standard format
  • Will help to get MODs to work together and move forward in a co-ordinated manner

Farewell Thomas

  • Thnaks to Thomas for all the good work; Good Luck!