WBConfCall 2015.09.03-Agenda and Minutes

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Datomic Progress

  • Paul and Gary: porting, perl scripts for querying datomic
  • Juancarlos: finished working through documentation
  • Adam:
    • Method for provisioning machines with Datomic, website, etc.
    • Using Docker to be able to quickly deploy going forward.
    • Makes future development much easier, good error reporting

Genetomic / curation database

  • TH: Is the genetomic instance in production?
  • TD: Not yet in production but close; requires input from Mary Ann and others.

WormMethods chapters

PWS: getting some reviews back


  • PD: Deadline for proposals is next week


  • RL: Do we need to extend the model to accommodate the ontology? Is there a name class?
  • CG: Cost for creating a new class?
  • TD: already bringing in .obo files from other ontologies
  • Discussion about whether or not we will show the data on the website
  • CG: will create a new class for PATO
  • -- discussion about who handles obo->ace files: individual curators. do, they aren't handled generically.
  • DR: Hold off on changes for micropublication (?Expression_patt)

> DISCONNECTED <------ sorry

Other model changes

    • Expression_cluster
    • Human_disease (Xiaodong)
    • GO_term (addition to ?Paper)
  • Raymond: should we go through a two tier process for models?
    • 1. Review process
    • 2. Put it into the models file
  • PD: discussion typically occurs before the proposal hits the model list
  • RL: Caltech is dispersed and the expertise is deluded.
  • WC: How do model changes work for Datomic?
  • *PD: Will come up with a working document.*


  • SG: Webapp is running and still a few small issues


  • SC: most modencode data ported, will be promoting jbrowse in 250.

cross MOD API grant

  • PWS: looks like will be funded