WBConfCall 2015.08.06-Agenda and Minutes

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Intermine Status Update (Paulo Nuin and Sibyl)

Slides: http://wiki.wormbase.org/images/WormMine-v2.pdf


  • news items for the release letter
  • new worm: C.elegans (hawaii strain)
  • will be used as reference release for other sites (EG, etc.)

Function vs Mutant

  • Function vs Mutant Phenotype Gene Classes - Submissions to NCBI and EBI
  • see email thread: Function vs. mutant phenotype gene classes
  • categorise the gene classes

WS251 build dates

  • Models freeze, data upload

WormMart End of Service

Now is time to unplug?



  • Paolo (Alberta Health Services)
  • runs off AWS
  • total 1 week of building time first time (3/couple days for later attempts after optimisations)
  • ~180 GB

WS250 / Hawaii

  • will show up on the Genome Browsers
  • with mapped gene models from N2