WBConfCall 2015.07.16-Agenda and Minutes

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please submit your agenda items here

Ticketing System

  • Where should we submit internal work tickets
  • Should there be a project wide choice
  • Doesn't feel that the website/helpdesk system is the natural place....or is it?
    • webcode and can attach tickets to code commits for tracking why development was necessary.
  • Hinxton have:
    • Jira - working to consolidate information here.
    • Bitbucket (old washu/sanger retired and in process of migrating into jira
    • RT - Sanger worm-bug@sanger.ac.uk - Poss retirement? Effect Caltech paper submissions for Hinxton/UK curators
    • GitHub - retired and consolidated into
  • Caltech have:
    • WormBase wiki?
    • Other internal trackers?
  • OICR have:
    • GitHub main tracking system/HelpDesk
    • Other internal trackers?