WBConfCall 2015.07.02-Agenda and Minutes

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WS250 schedule

  • reminder of timings
    • 10th July upload
    • 14th of August on FTP
    • 1st of October on live website

Feedback from IWM


  • Should we track "date last reviewed"? (3887)


WS250 schedule

bumped to the end of the month:

  • reminder of timings
    • 31st July upload
    • 31st of August on FTP
    • 1st of October on live website

Phenotype/ontology display

  • Alphabetical lists not necessarily most helpful, take advantage of the ontology
  • Todd: sometimes more specific terms are most useful, don't necessarily want to group towards most general terms.
  • Some widgets overloaded with information. Make overview more helpful.
  • Should be easy to see if, e.g., a gene has a null allele.

Community contributions, "wiki-style editing"

  • Focus on constrained forms instead.
  • Keep a clear distinction between data submissions and comments.
  • There is already a comment system. Could be promoted better.
  • Is there a notification system when someone leaves a comment?
  • MA is writing a Gazette article about community curation. Will mention the comment system.

Date last reviewed

  • There is interest in capturing this data.
    • High priority targets are gene structures and concise descriptions.
  • Also questions at the meeting about how to see when a gene structure last changed. New isoforms, etc., are NOT currently captured in the history widget.
  • OMIM has a "last reviewed on" field at the bottom of each page.
  • Should we be curating complete gene pages?