WBConfCall 2015.06.04-Agenda and Minutes

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please submit your agenda items here

Community Annotation Forms

  • Mary Ann and Sibyl have setup the community curation portal page on staging: http://staging.wormbase.org/about/userguide/submit_data#0--10
  • We want to make sure that when WS248 goes live (this weekend?) that the links to the forms are appropriately updated
  • Question for webteam: It looks like these form links will be editable at any time by curators, is that correct?
    • If so, then we can update the links at our leisure
    • If not, and the links need to be updated before WS248, we need to make sure the links point to Tazendra, not Mangolassi
  • I will be making my poster and preparing the workshop talk next week so the sooner we finalise what we intend to promote (to a greater or lesser degree) the better. (mary ann)