WBConfCall 2015.05.21-Agenda and Minutes

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2015 Progress Report

  • Kevin has a master document for EBI/Hinxton
  • He will share the document to collect write-ups
  • Caltech has been filling in Google spreadsheet with curation numbers
  • Paul S. is coordinating the text, overall

OMIM links to/from WormBase

  • Ranjana working on linking between WormBase and OMIM
  • WB links to OMIM, but OMIM doesn't link to WB
  • Ranjana sent Human disease Pages to OMIM to look at; they're enthusiastic
  • Gene-association files for disease data can be shared/used to link data
  • Do we have a data file with all of the disease data and OMIM links?
  • Ranjana will forward e-mails to Todd, Sibyl, Paul Davis, and Kevin

WB Workshop at 2015 IWM

  • Chris sent around minute breakdown of workshop (can resend again if people need it)
  • We're scheduled for 7 talks, 90 minutes total: first hour, 5 talks, 12 minutes each; last half-hour, 2 talks, 15 minutes each
  • We probably don't need to schedule in a break for just 90 minutes

Mapping human disease variations to elegans genome/proteome

  • We would like to generate clear mappings between human disease variants and the C. elegans genome/proteome
  • Would be good to establish the best pipeline to generate, store, and display the data
  • Todd: We should prioritize the display of human-elegans alignments on every WB gene page, not just in the homology widget, but as a high profile item displayed by default
  • Michael & Kevin: The data already exist and would be trivial to generate; we need to focus on how to model and display the data
  • Raymond: This would be good to discuss at the upcoming International C. elegans Meeting
  • Chris will send an e-mail on this topic around to staff

Shared data between WormBase and ParaSite

  • Some data exists in WormBase for non-elegans/non-WB-core species, like Brugia malayi and Onchocerca volvulus
  • Examples include concise descriptions and expression data for genes from these other species
    • This data exists and is displayed on WormBase, but not ParaSite (yet)
    • How can we best share the data and display of the data?
    • ParaSite lags behind WB with regards to many types of data per release; may be good to have synchronized releases in the future?
  • Do we want to prioritize certain datatypes to curate for ParaSite core species: Onchocerca, Brugia, Strongyloides?
  • This may be another topic to discuss at the upcoming international worm meeting