WBConfCall 2015.04.16-Agenda and Minutes

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WS249 model

?Interaction model (Chris)

Remove the tags:

Other_regulator ?Text #Interactor_info Other_regulated ?Text #Interactor_info

Add the tag:

Other_interactor ?Text #Interactor_info

?Interaction, ?Expr_pattern, ?Antibody, ?WBProcess, and ?Construct (Chris)


Historical_gene ?Gene #Evidence


Historical_gene ?Gene Text


1. Model changes approved. Paul Davis will tag WS249 model on April 17.

2. IWM 2015

Booth for WormBase was confirmed, Parasite will apply for another booth. Please send ideas of souvenirs to staff@wormbase. Paul will submit an abstract for a 5min plenary talk about WormBase, including community annotation. WormBase will have individual meetings during IWM instead of pre or post IWM meeting.

3. In 2016, GSA is having a joint conference http://www.genetics2016.org/ of 7 communities, one of which is the C. elegans Topic Meeting. They are expecting 3,000 people (~300 c. elegans researchers). WormBase will have a booth at the meeting. WormBase will have more interactions and mutual support with other MODs including SGD and FlyBase. One of which is to provide Textpresso search for other MODs.

4. WormBook Chapter. Most of them are complete. Next week we should start to read each other's chapter.

5. RNAseq data for C. brenneri were held because of potential genome change.