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Dates list above as a guideline
Dates list above serves as a guideline
===Release schedules===
===Release schedules===

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WormBook Chapters

  • plan
  • todo

WS249 plans


  • 16th of April - Models tagged in CVS
  • 1st of May - Data upload (unless the US has holiday)
  • 29th of May - Hinxton FTP sites ready
  • 1st of July - Staging Site
  • 1st of August - Live Site


planned and in no way 100% correct

  • S.ratti will join the core species under the aegis of Jane
  • B.malayi genome sequence edits - due to GenBank feedback


  • bouncing around some ideas from CGC's Aric (Mary Ann)

Help Desk Unresolved

1. GBrowse motif finder #3704


WormBook Chapters

Due by the end of next week (April 10th) for feedback from each other

Post to Google Drive https://drive.google.com/drive/u/0/#folders/0Bxp5q5bIQqeifkZWZmhyUm4tQTFXWFNyWC0tNlVnU0VjU0I2TW9kSFRrdlZtYjlXb00zd1E

Please put title and/or place holder if cannot meet the deadline. So others will know what will be available later.


Dates list above serves as a guideline

Release schedules

WS247 is expected to be live on April 10. It will happen a few days earlier than scheduled (this weekend)

WS248 is expected to be live on June 1, according to normal schedule. So it will be online for around 3 weeks before Worm Meeting, for further testing.

Aric at CGC

Aric at CGC would like hang around during Worm Meeting workshop to advertise his work. No objections among WormBase staff

Github Issue

Scott will look at it.


How to get the version for the C elegans data in ParaSite BioMart? Currently using 245 Things are more up-to-date in ParaSite BioMart than in Ensembl Would be nice to search from WormBase for parasitic genes and link to ParaSite BioMart tools