WBConfCall 2015.02.19-Agenda and Minutes

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1. Web team update

Todd will not be able to attend. Here's a quick update

1a. Sibyl is on vacation through the 27th.
1b. We should be releasing an updated version of Intermine within the next two weeks.
1c. With the release of WS247 on Monday, we are now in the staging window.

2. 2015 International C. elegans Meeting

Website: http://www.genetics-gsa.org/celegans/2015/
2a. Workshop description and detailed schedule due March 2nd : "A short description and detailed schedule of events, 
including speakers and times scheduled for talks and other activities, should be provided to Anne Marie Mahoney
(Mahoney@genetics-gsa.org) by March 2."

2 identical 90 minute workshops on separate days? probably

  • community annotation
  • website usability
  • ontology browser
  • data mining/intermine
  • JBrowse?
2b. Registration and Abstract submission are now open
2c. Abstract submission deadline is April 16; Early Meeting Registration and housing reservation ends May 21


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