WBConfCall 2015.01.15-Agenda and Minutes

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Agenda and Minutes

FPKM images

fpkm image on the expression section on the gene page will be replaced with multiple small images linking from a table after 247. Sybil will look into replacing the compressed image for now.

Topic Curation

Caltech started collecting and curating papers related to heavy metal toxicity. Chris will send the list to hinxton.

Concise Description

Discussion on generating concise description for multiple species. It seems that the current pipeline is using the BLASTP and xref files, Kevin suggested to use the orthology pipeline. Further discussion is needed with Ranjana to understand which files are currently used to generate the concise descriptions. If we use the ortholog info from ensemble compara we can immediately apply to 100 species -the blastP pipeline has only 8.

Neuralnet connections

Sybil will look into it -Issue #3529

Wormbook chapters

Due February 28th 2015

Increase of Expression and Picture objects for WS247

Added Yanai's expression graphs for other species

Worm Meeting giveaways

Think about it and come up with suggestions