WBConfCall 2014.12.4-Agenda and Minutes

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All model changes currently planned for WS247 are on the WS247 Models wiki page

This includes this new class:

Topic 2



  • 10 items on models update wiki
  • Curators should check the wiki to double check
  • GO curation model change
    • Many GO annotations that are submitted to the GO consortium but never made it to WormBase
    • New model change should accommodate this data in WormBase
    • A new class has been made for GO annotations
    • Kimberly posted link to web page describing the details
    • Will now have 1000's more GO annotations in WormBase
    • ?GO_term and ?GO_annotation will be separate classes with XREFs to each other
    • New GO annotation objects will get their own set of unique IDs
    • How will the IDs be generated? Will they be (can they be) stable? History tracking?
    • GO pipeline uses UniProts common annotation tool which outputs a GAF file
    • We parse the GAF file into a .ACE file
    • If IDs are not going to be stable, we need to make sure they don't become visible to users
    • Could be easier if we do not give them WBIDs but rather some unique serial number (numbers only) or prefix with the WS release number
    • In new database structure, these will likely not get names or IDs, just an internal identifier