WBConfCall 2014.12.18-Agenda and Minutes

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Reminder for WS247 dates

please upload your data until latest 9th of January.

JBrowse Update


Example of an PhyloP Selection track from the 29-way whole genome alignments rendered on JBrowse Screenshot 2014-12-18 at 15.39.48.png

Show average FPKM value

Ticket #3476: user downloads CSV file and averages FPKM values across multiple projects but would like this average value to appear on website.


Reminder for WS247 dates

Upload by Friday 9th January.

JBrowse Update

Close to done on JBrowse, almost ready to release [1]. Most tracks are ready for all species in WormBase. There are a few tracks in C. elegans that are not present in other species that haven't been added yet. Issues and feature requests to be submitted on GitHub and tagged with jbrowse.

Average FPKM values

Gary is loading more RNA-seq data for the next build. Showing average values could be problematic/misleading as the conditions of each experiment are different. Could be possible to show a median of the control values. Value can be calculated on the fly or stored in the data model. As this value will remain static between most builds, it should be included in the data model. Either possible to include as a change to model or as a "virtual experiment".

GO Annotation Class

Not in use in WS247, will use in WS248.

Next Call

Next call scheduled for 1st January, so will skip this and have next call on 15th January 2015.

Worm Meeting Workshop

Running two identical workshops. Asked for room to cater for ~100 people.

Genetic Society Meeting

Meeting in Orlando, FL late 2016 [2]. Communities of multiple model organisms meeting.

WormBook Chapters

To be completed by February 2015.